Welcome to Lupinity Animal Photography!

The official photographs of the CACIB Kassel 2016 can be viewed and ordered here shortly after the event ended.

Please note the important information below on the changed order process, Leistungsumfang, payment process and the currently available formats and pricing.

New order process
Direct download of all photos within hours after the event

All available photos from the ring of honor will be available for direct download only a few hours after the event ended. Categorizing and preparing the photos will take several hours in the evening and night after the event.

We strive to give you the possibility to order, download and present your photos in the social media and on your website the morning after the event.

Please note that we had to pass on the extensive quality control and manual preparation of the photos.

For all those of you who don't want to do without the familiar quality of the photos, we offer a special professional image processing service for a flat fee that you can book for any of your photos in your cart individually.
Find more information about the service further down.

New payment process

In order to be able to offer the photos to you instantaneously, we offer payment processing via PayPal. Thus, you can pay immediately and conveniently by credit card, direct debit and of course using your PayPal deposit.

The photos in the galleries are

The photos in the galleries are protected by watermarks. All digital and non-digital photos are of course completely free of watermarks or other markings.


Simply browse the gallery und click the thumbnails which are of interest to you. The photo will then be displayed in a bigger resolution and you can click on "+ Add to shopping cart in the lower left corner of the window to put it in your cart for later review.

As soon as you have picked all photos, click on the shopping cart link in the upper right corner ("Shopping cart: x item(s)), to review to your shopping cart.

You can then pick the amount and format for every photo in your shopping cart. After you are done with that, click on the "Checkout » link in the upper right corner, confirm your order and engage in the payment process via PayPal. You will then be redirected to a page where you can finish the order and will then get the link to your download page via e-mail.

The e-mail should arrive within minutes after completing the order. If it does not, please check the spam folder of your mail account or contact us.

Products and pricing

On popular request, the photos will be provided unedited for direct download. For edited versions (not for instant download) there are special products including professional editing.

FormatTypical usePublication rightsPrice
1280px image fileInternet (homepages, blogs), small printsnon-exclusive use for private and non-commercial purposes***9.50€
2048px image fileOnline galleries, printsnon-exclusive use for private and non-commercial purposes***14.50€
1280px image file incl. prof. editing*Large format printsnon-exclusive use for online and print media, private use only***29.50€
2048px image file incl. prof. editing*Large format printsnon-exclusive use for private and non-commercial purposes***34.50€
Full resolution (up to 20 MP in 14 bit color depth per channel)**professional print productsnon-exclusive use for print products, commercial use permittedBy request only
Volume discounts starting at 5+ photos: 5%, 10+ photos: 10%, 15+ photos: 15%, 20+ photos: 20%, 25+ photos: 25%

*) When ordering a profesionally edited version, you will receive a complimentary direct download of the unedited version instantaneously.
**) Up to a resolution of 5472 x 3648 pixels, if possible - some photos might not be available at that resolution. In that case, the price will be that of the nearest resolution.
***) A commercial license is available separately for an additional 10 € / image, please contact us for details.

Notes: All prices include professional cropping and editing of the photos. The professional full resolution photos for commercial use will be produced as TIFF files with 14 bit color depth per channel, the rest of the image files will be in 8 bit JPEG format.
All photography is done with a high end Canon 1D X Mk II and premium L-lenses to ensure the best quality possible for you.

If you would like to commercially use photos that show other people than you, you might be required to ask permission from that person beforehand!

Professional image processing

As a special service to you we offer professional image editing that brings the best out of your photos.

Using professional high-end photo equipment and RAW format provides us with a large margin for editing and even rescuing images that seem over- or underexposed, and thanks to the high resolution of the original images, we can also edit out a specific part of the image that would be too small to be effective in a low resolution version of the original image.

The image processing package includes:

  • Adjustment of levels, brightness, contrast and colors from the orignal dynamic range of 14 bit per color channel
  • Image composition
  • Compensation of stray light due to reflections of the blue floor mats or light sources
  • Detail sharpening
  • In extreme cases: conservative noise reduction using PictureCode Photo Ninja®
  • On request, we also do retouch works to an extent

All image processing makes use of the original material (CR2 RAW-Format with a 5472 x 3648 px resolution and 14 bit per color channel).