Lupinity Animal Photography

CACIB Kassel 2022


December 10-11 2022


Messe Kassel, Germany

CACIB Kassel 2022

All approx. 11,000 official photos of both days of the international dog show in Kassel (CAC/CACIB) are available in the galleries now.

Congratulations to all winners, and enjoy browsing the photos!

Of course, you may once again order photos comfortably via PayPal or credit card without having to disclose any data to us at all.

At this time, 33082 photos are available in the galleries altogether.

Products and Pricing

By popular request, the photographies are offered largely unedited for direct download in order to deliver your photos as fast as possible. If you prefer your photo to be professionally edited, there is a product option available for this.

All prices include German VAT and delivery of the photo in the chosen resolution by direct download.

€9.50 per photo


non-commercial use (Social Media)

Your photo in web resolution (longest edge 1280 pixels). Perfect for a quick status upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

€14.50 per photo


non-commercial use (Galerien und Drucke)

Your photo in print resolution (longest edge 2048 Pixel). For your private homepage gallery and collection, and big enough for 20x30 cm prints, up to A3 size max.

€29.50 per photo


non-commercial (large prints)

Your photo in maximum resolution (up to 6000 x 4000 pixels): big enough for large scale prints.

Only on request: Full resolution photos are always custom-tailored. The delivery time is at least 2-3 business days. Due to technical limitations and cropping, some photos may not be available in full resolution. If the final resolution is below 2500 pixels (longest edge), we will inform you up front.

€10.00 surcharge / photo

Commercial Use

If you would like to use your photo commercially (print media use, shops, commercial homepages), you have to book a commercial licence for each image.

€30.00 surcharge / photo

Professional Photo Editing

Photo Composing and Editing

We make the most out of your photos for you: since we are using professional photography equipment, there is a large margin for editing of raw image data, if a photo should have come out over- or underexposed. Thanks to the high resolution it is possible to choose a smaller part of the image in advanced resolution, if desired. Let us know your requirements!