Welcome to Lupinity Animal Photography!

The official photographs of the CACIB Gie├čen 2016 can be viewed and ordered here shortly after the event ended.

Requesting photos

Please note that only photos that have explicitly been requested to be included in the gallery will be available online. We are taking several thousand photos of the event (about 9000 at CACIB Kassel 2015) to ensure everyone has a chance to order photos of them and their dogs, so it would be impossible to pre-edit and include all of the photos per se.

If you are interested in photos of you and your dog, please contact us and tell us what and who you are searching for. We will then prepare a selection of photos as soon as possible.

The photos in the galleries are protected by watermarks. All digital and non-digital photos are of course completely free of watermarks or other markings.


Simply browse the gallery und click the thumbnails which are of interest to you. The photo will then be displayed in a bigger resolution and you can click on "+ Add to shopping cart in the lower left corner of the window to put it in your cart for later review.

As soon as you have picked all photos, click on the shopping cart link in the upper right corner ("Shopping cart: x item(s)), to review to your shopping cart.

You can then pick the amount and format for every photo in your shopping cart. After you are done with that, click on the "Checkout » link in the upper right corner, confirm your order and enter the details where we should ship or send your order to.

If you have special requests, e.g. you would like the photo to be cropped in a specific way or aspect ratio, do not hesitate to tell us in the free text field on the checkout page.

Within minutes after completing the order, you will get an e-mail with details on your payment options. We accept advance payment only: orders will not be processed until the payment has arrived.

Products and pricing

At this point, we offer the photos in digital format only. Volume discounts apply.

FormatTypical usePublication rightsPrice
1280px image fileInternet (homepages, blogs), small printsnon-exclusive use for private and non-commercial purposes9.50€
2048px image fileOnline galleries, printsnon-exclusive use for private and non-commercial purposes14.50€
Full resolution (up to 20 MP)*Large format printsnon-exclusive use for online and print media, private use only19.50€
Full resolution (up to 20 MP in 14 bit color depth per channel)*professional print productsnon-exclusive use for print products, commercial use permitted49.50€
Volume discounts starting at 2+ photos: 5%, 5+ photos: 10%, 10+ photos: 15%, 15+ photos: 20%, 20+ photos: 25%

*) If possible - due to cropping, some photos might not be available at that resolution. In that case, the price will be that of the nearest resolution.

Notes: All prices include professional cropping and editing of the photos. The professional full resolution photos for commercial use will be produced as TIFF files with 14 bit color depth per channel, the rest of the image files will be in 8 bit JPEG format.
All photography is done with a high end Canon 1D X and premium L-lenses to ensure the best quality possible for you.

If you would like to commercially use photos that show other people than you, you might be required to ask permission from that person beforehand!

Shipping costs

All photos are delivered online, thus shipping is always free of charge for you.

Payment process

At this time, we only offer advance payment, preferably by SEPA payment. In special cases, PayPal payment can be arranged. Please let us know in the checkout form if you would like to pay via PayPal.

The order will be produced and shipped AFTER the payment arrives. Payment can take a while depending on your banking institution. As a rule of thumb, allow 2-3 days for the payment to arrive.


After the payment arrives, we immediately produce and ship the photos. The digital image files are transmitted immediately after editing, usually on the same day the payment arrives. The photos are either sent via e-mail attachments or for bigger orders you are sent a link where you can download them from our servers.